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Stair Carpet: Selecting the Best

When selecting a carpet of the stairs, and then choose from a number of different fiber. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Typically, a ladder is usually high traffic areas are well lit. Dust and dirt is more likely to occur if the area of food and drink are downstairs. Can give the carpet surrounding plain or patterned decoration. All these factors influence the final choice of fibers and designs.

Natural fiber

There are a number of natural fibers of the carpet to be used. Kind of lag is a popular choice for environmental sustainability. However, there are other properties of some natural fibers are not well suited for use as a stair runner.


This natural fiber is made from coconut shell. The biggest advantage of carpet fibers of stairs to be used in cases, resistance to high traffic. However, coir shows some problems that need to be addressed before picking up the other fibers. Exercised professional builder, whether you are the carpet fibers is highly recommended. This will ensure that the ground is flat, and stretched prior to application to the base floor and uniformly. There is also a tolerance of relatively low moisture content. If you have regular contact with moisture, which This can lead to expansion and contraction over time. Provider of the fiber of this type can be difficult to find and cost is high compared to other fibers. Read the rest of this entry »

Carpet Cleaning Without Using Chemical Products

Sufficient environmental toxins around us more and more unhealthy and sometimes. The reason is that each of us is that we need to breathe in a hazardous environment by chemical products contribute a very harmful impact on the air. If we strive to become healthy and sanitary environment all of us, can be resolved only in this situation. Well as fresh and healthy, our future generations, we breathe when you start contributing to a healthy environment and the company.

This can be achieved by the use of environmentally friendly products for cleaning in our house. You need to choose a carpet cleaning by the “green” if you’re worried about your happiness. Nature is concerned, as long as a gentle cleaning is trying to avoid the use of chemical treatment in order to concentrate on the carpet, and washed. Has been demonstrated to be replaced with organic ingredients. Very successful to provide cleaning without the use of chemicals is not comfortable. Read the rest of this entry »